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AREA Appraisal Management Company, Inc. (AAMC) is a nationwide, full Service HVCC compliant appraisal management company focused on providing a full range of top quality real property valuation products and services for both residential and commercial properties.

AAMC has built its reputation by providing the client a geographically competent, licensed, certified, FHA approved appraiser whose sole focus is to provide an accurate, timely appraisal. Quality is assured first by the use of the best available qualified appraisers and secondly, internal review, prior to the client's receipt, by competent experienced certified appraisers - not clerks applying canned review programs and forwarding these canned results to the appraiser.

The appraisal process must be both transparent and easy to maximize the client's valuable time. Our ordering process is as easy and seamless as possible, with only property, contact and assignment information needed once the client is part of our network. Orders are assigned to the appraisers within two hours and the appraiser will make contact the same day the order is received and schedule the inspection for the earliest time possible. The appraisal report will be available to the client within 48 hours of the inspection, unless there are complications, of which the client will be notified immediately.

Communication is essential to ensuring an orderly process so at each step of the appraisal process, from appraiser assignment to inspection to report completion, the client will receive email updates. No more wondering if the appraisal is moving forward or when it will be completed. An appraisal ordered at the same time as the title report will probably be available before the title report is received.

Mission Statement
AAMC will: 1.) provide clients with the highest level of quality appraisal service, measured by accuracy in reporting the market values and timely appraisal turnaround, and 2.) provide each of its appraisers with comprehensive, thorough and ethical training and guidance throughout their careers. AAMC understands that an accurate, independent, objective valuation is important to all parties to a transaction and essential to the efficient operation of our financial markets.


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