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How do I get on your list of approved appraisers?
Email human resources your request and they will forward you an application.

How will I be paid for my work?
AAMC will send a check for completed orders on a rolling 30 day pay period. What this means is that you can expect AAMC to process and cut a check for each order completed 30 days after it's completion. Example: If you complete a report on December 15, 2007 you can expect to receive an email alerting you that your check has been processed and mailed on January 15, 2008.

Is there any way I can be guaranteed a certain number of appraisals a month? How about all of the appraisals in my area?
The number of appraisals is never guaranteed. Appraisals are ordered in regards to geographic competence, and rotating database. No one appraiser is guaranteed all the appraisals for his or her area.

What is the expected turn-around time?
AAMC makes sure the order is placed and scheduled within 24 hours of receiving the order. As soon as the property is inspected, we usually have the final appraisal within 24-48 hours. If you would like the order rushed, please place the order online and then give us a call to place the rush request.

I cannot upload the sales contract. Can I fax it to you?
Yes, you may fax a sales contract to us. Please fax this to 909-498-0416

I have an underwriting condition. Where do I send it?
All underwriter request should be processed by our website by emailing our customer service department. Underwriter issues will be addressed immediately. Please do not contact the appraiser who completed the appraisal.

What about FHA, foreclosures, rural properties, commercial, etc...
YES...we cover all of these areas, and we do all types of properties for the entire southern California area. As far as price goes, we are very competitive, so please contact us regarding any of these

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